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Hamlet fights: entry the only

April 14, 2005

While I’m sad I don’t get to work with Michael again, working on the Hamlet duel with Lars is a whacky kind of fun.

Choreographing for a three-foot copper pipe is a lot like choreographing for an escrima stick; Lars has that down pat after many years in martial arts. Choreographing for a fifteen-foot chain, on the other hand, is only vaguely like choreographing for a hank of nylon rope.

On the bright side, the real weapons are now here, after some chain-related angst. (Links flew. Oops.)

Mixing the sticks and the chain together is why we spend a lot of time trying out stupid ideas that occasionally turn out to be accidentally badass ideas. My notation system is breaking down in the face of this weird weapon combination; I have given my fight notebook over to chaos, which is appropriate for a post-apocalyptic rendering of a play about various kinds of breakdowns.

Oh! And I have a line now! I’m playing the messenger who gives Hamlet’s letter to Claudius. There’s some, like, acting going on between us, like how I totally want to eavesdrop and he totally wants me to leave. It’s fun.


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