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How now, who calls on Hamlet?

June 2, 2009

At the last King’s Crown shindig of the season, I got wind of a School of the Arts Hamlet that was going up some time over the summer. I know the rumored director from King’s Crown, so I emailed him to say hello and are-you-really-doing-Hamlet and do-you-have-a-fight-director-because-if-not-I’d-love-to-do-your-fights. Stand back, people — marketing professional at work.

Hello! he replied. Yes. And, Oh. I hadn’t really thought about it. Please do!

So I went to the reading, to discover that the show had some familiar faces, including our 2005 production‘s Horatio as Hamlet. It’s a very short text, with some bits taken from the 1603 “bad” quarto. There’s going to be a “sheet of death” at one end of the stage, and dying characters are going to be replaced by doubles onstage so that the real actor can walk behind the sheet; the word of the day is “stylized,” and that’s what Darragh wants for the duel, too. After we talk a little more, it sounds like he just wants a good old fashioned fencing match, and I email the cavalry: fencing coach and 2004 Macbeth choreographer Michael Dreyfus.

Michael, it turns out, is free. This is going to be awesome.

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