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Mackers again

August 7, 2009

…how did I used to have all that time to blog?! My goodness. I should at least mention here that I’m now in the thick of an outdoor Macbeth, put up by my new friends at Extant Arts.

This is my third show without an official partner-in-violence, and I’ve found that if I’m choreographing shows alone, I have two options: hate my choreography (Sorry, Caesar! Good thing it was a battle and no one noticed anyway), or drag everyone I know into a swirly vortex of “here, just hold this sword for a minute…” For this show, I’m incredibly lucky to have a Macduff with a lot of fight experience who doesn’t appear to mind my…organic…style, and Banquo has also been very helpful in his murder scene. But I always end up feeling like I can’t take credit for all the choreography! Maybe that’s another reason I feel more comfortable with the term fight director?

It’s nice to be outdoors again, even if ten thousand mosquitos agree with me – more room for spear fighting!

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