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Extant’s Richard III battle

September 3, 2010

Richard III was a huge and rewarding project (I reminded myself as I hauled a bag of broadswords over hill, over dale to various parks and pales around the boroughs), and so many actors did so much and came so far in such a short time that I could just plotz. But I didn’t. I made a video instead:



Cut together from four or five performances in three different parks. Also, Richmond runs off at the very beginning, not because he’s afraid of Norfolk, but to fight Jim. In all the confusion and alarums, I didn’t get a good video of Richmond and Jim.

We did have one injury, thankfully minor, during the run. I don’t know how other fight directors feel when this happens, though I can hazard guesses for a few acquaintances, mostly falling in the “suck it up” spectrum. That’s not really me; I’m into guilt. The old saw, “If you get hurt, it’s your fault. If your partner gets hurt, it’s your fault,” goes double for fight directors…. “O, that this ground could as well afford a grave as it can yield a melancholy seat,” indeed.

But I rain on the parade. For the lion’s (boar’s?) share of the production, all was merriment and bad-ass-ness. :0)

In the video: Virginia Baeta,  Justin Gallo, Alexander Korman, Suzanne Lenz, Daniel Mian, Brandon Morrissey, Chris Scheer, and Keely Kate Williams.

Not in the video: Jim Brennan, Chris’s pink umbrella, excessive humping, Greg’s hat, rain, or ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles from the truck in Astoria Park.

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