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The Danger Zone

December 10, 2010

More is usually better — more chocolate, more sleep, more hugs, more rehearsal. All the rehearsal in the world. Enough rehearsal so that every breath, every chase, every impulse is second nature.

But we’re not there yet. As a class, we’ve reached the point where we all know the fight so well that we have to fake the tension instead of feeling it, and the temptation is to wander through the fight going “la la la, I like butterflies.” When David Brimmer calls us out on this, he says it looks like two monologues going on up there. This is the Danger Zone. You can’t just do your moves, you have to react to what your partner is giving you. If you’re not constantly cuing and responding, your fight will look bad, and someone might get hurt. (Related note: wow, scalp wounds bleed a lot.)

Not that it’s better to rehearse less and have actual danger on stage, and we will work through the danger zone, but man, it is a real zone. (At least it’s not the Phantom Zone?) But now we have to rehearse smarter, not longer, looking at specific moments rather than running running running the whole thing until we start going through the motions and thinking about butterflies. Mitch and I discovered a new thing about an old moment tonight, and that’s a wonderful kind of fuel for the fight. Get thee behind me, danger zone!

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  1. Molly Lojo permalink
    December 11, 2010 4:03 pm

    We love the shout-outs just for us, you sneaky little writer.

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