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Holy Bowie, Batman, Whole Class Recs!

December 26, 2010

Mitch and I rehearse our fight

Knife test night began with rain and scheduling confusion and ended with triumph! Adjudicator Mike Chin has never recommended a class across the board before, but he did for us, and lo, there was Snoopy dancing. (Just because worrying about recommending is counterproductive doesn’t mean it’s not nice when it happens.) As usual, I don’t really remember my own fight, but was great to watch my friends nail their scenes from The Lion King, the BBC’s Robin Hood, and Blue Surge. Mitch and I did Deadwood (“Will I find you have a knife?” “I won’t need no fuckin’ knife.”); playing Al Swearingen was probably the biggest acting stretch I could have found for myself, but with a lot of patience from Mitch and Adele, our de facto director, I got into it. It helps that I curse about that much anyway.

While it’s nice to have my Thursday and Sunday evenings back, I’ll miss this class! I cemented some stage combat friendships, and we had so many cool guests (I mean, seriously: K. Jenny Jones! Nigel Poulton!). And, of course, we had Tink and Brimmer and Dan.

Merry Christmas to those celebrating! Happy Saturday to the rest of you. We’re bicultural; it’s time for Thai takeout and eggnog.

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