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Nigel Poulton in the New York Times and on the air

June 2, 2011

I knew Australian fight director Nigel  Poulton was in town last fall to do Carmen at the Met, not just to visit our knife class, but I missed this article about him and the show. It’s funny to see the writer go, essentially,  “Guys, did you know there are people who MAKE UP FAKE FIGHTS?!” I forget that stage combat is actually a cultural footnote.

There are some videos of the production, unfortunately not with the cast described in the article, or of the knife fight between Don Jose and Escamillo, but here’s the last scene of the opera. It has a little choreography and, of course, amazing singing:


Also, googling Nigel to see if he has a homepage, I ran across this podcast with him from early March, where he talks about his show Dead Cargo, the issue of portraying realistic fights, and his career path. Lots of great questions from the interviewer — I could learn a thing or two! About interviewing, that is.  I can learn like two million things from Nigel.

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