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FIGHTER pictures and reprise

June 17, 2011
FIGHTER Production Photo

© Sasha Arutyunova 2011. Used with permission.

Pictures from FIGHTER, José Perez IV’s kick-asstravaganza, are up on Facebook! (Yes, there was a gospel choir in the show. No, I have no idea what face I’m making. Yes, if you see José’s mohawk’s shadow it means three more weeks of awesome.) The photos were taken by Sasha Arutyunova, and she does beautiful work.

In other FIGHTER news, on Saturday we performed an excerpt from the show as part of the NYC Festival of Young Artists and Leaders. We cordoned off part of the street rather than performing on the stage, which was slippery from the  drizzle — and if ever there was a show that looked amazing covered in grit and gravel, sweaty and rain-slicked, it’s FIGHTER. If only we could combine all that with the lighting from the indoor version… Props to everyone for pulling it off safely, especially people falling on the asphalt.  And, as we were messing around waiting to go on, I saw a very intriguing head-lock/knee-to-the-face knapped with the head-locking hand on the kneeing knee. Always something to learn from these guys! (Also, how does my spell check not know the word “knapped” yet? It  suggests “kneecapped” instead.)

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