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Paper Covers Rock, Deflects Sword

November 25, 2011

Grace Duval's paper armor

In just fifty hours, Grace Duval made this Joan of Arc-inspired suit of armor out of cardboard, brown paper, and bicycle inner tubes, held together with wallpaper paste and rivets. More photos here.

In Tang-dynasty China, some soliders actually wore paper armor, but it was more like having books strapped to your chest: mulberry paper was folded to make plaques, which were then overlapped and sewn together, essentially turning the paper back into blocks of wood.You can watch the Mythbusters test this style against blunt, sharp, and penetrating forces, proving that it’s strong, light, flexible, and breathable. Just don’t get it wet.  But maybe if you shellacked it…like, with shiny black spray paint…

I will now return to my happy world of people dressed like Grace Duval.

(Via Win! )

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