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I <3 my fellow weapons-nerd tweeps

January 15, 2013

When I was visiting New York, I saw some old coworkers at a party and remembered that once upon a time on Twitter, this happened:

Sam: I have a photo of you with a quarterstaff
Sam: Correction: pole axe
Me: I’m poleaxed as to how you could have confused them
Sam: My memory must have been flailing me. . .
Me: Au contraire, I bow before your a-mace-ing wit!
Sam: Gladius to see I’ve managed to impress you.
Me: I couldn’t axe for anything more from this sworded affair.
Irene: Y’all are going to force us into an epic fantasy theme just so we can reuse these puns in the newsletter….
Sam: Irene is starting to give us some greave.
Me: I think she’s just cuirass about our duel meanings.
Pablo: Watch out! Sam can also cut, lass.
Me: No te preocupes ‘tanto’
Sam: Bilingual puns? Joust a minute now!
Pablo: Eh, she was only jerkin your chain

…annnnd then we all went back to work. Which, in Sam’s case, sometimes means painting people with weapons! And I did used to write a newsletter with lots of puns in it. So this conversation was, um, kind of work-related. 🙂

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