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Dueling Arts SF’s Rapier Extravaganza

July 21, 2014

Awesome poster by R. Black

The fourth annual Rapier Extravaganza was July 12th and 13th at the Berkeley Marina, a spacious and breezy dueling ground if ever there was one. Having recently wrapped up a broadsword class, then a rapier and dagger class, I was tickled to keep moving forward(ish) in the history of the sword and take up the single rapier, rapier and buckler, and rapier and cloak. I hope Dave teaches smallsword next!

One fighter turned out to be a real live practicing doctor, which made me feel like I can also grow up to be a doctor who loves to sword fight. Med school applications went in last week, by the by, partially spurred toward completion by my desire to go to the Extravaganza. If I could arrange a stage combat workshop to firm up every hazy deadline, I’d be unstoppable all over.


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