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Poetry in motion

August 14, 2014

I’ve seen some great stuff lately, both sent to me and found as I browse for movement inspiration for the show I’m working on. Get your popcorn.

Many a fine friendship has begun with the words, “Oh, hey, you guys should talk about swords” — and many fine links are then shared by those friends — thanks, Windward.  These guys are from Dimicator, a Hamburg-based group that reproduces historical techniques from fight manuals, and their sweet moves come to us from Germany circa 1320. I’m simultaneously shouting “FACE FACE PROTECT YOUR FACE” and cheering their precision and fluidity.


Kacy Catanzaro, a former college gymnast and current total badass, is the first woman to finish this American Ninja Warrior course. The commentators are overwhelmed at how she’s making it through a course designed for people much bigger than her, but they never mention that being small and light is itself an advantage. Coin has two sides, guys!


Research for the show = it’s totally productive to click around So You Think You Can Dance* videos, right? This Ricky Ubeda solo is breathtaking — behold his achingly perfect extension and the thing he does at 0:50. I want to take a whole class in how to do that thing.


Look at these crazy people dancing on skyscrapers! One of them is my new housemate. Must examine our roof for potential attachment points.



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