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Farewell, St. Mary’s (again)

June 3, 2015

The Wheel of Time turns, the ages come and go, and once again the spring semester at St. Mary’s College draws to a close. We did unarmed this semester, and even though it meant getting up early on Saturdays, the class was the perfect way to start the weekend: hanging out with Dave, a scenic drive, a coffee run, and eight students in a sunny dance studio.

I really like the vibe at St. Mary’s. The students are mostly theater majors, so there’s an air of theaterness! and theatery things! without the eternal struggle for time and space that comes with actually working on a show. They all know and work with each other outside class, which benefit to the work outweighs the occasional complication, I think, and they’re excited to be doing something so awesome.

Normally I only partner with a student if there’s an odd number in the class — which there was — so I was fighting the one lefty, but some further enrollment shuffling put me with another student, as well, and a unique challenge: I’ve never fought the same side of the same fight, first as a righty, then as a lefty. Sometimes back to back. Mostly it was fine, the physical logic dictating which side did what (thanks, Dave!), but every so often my brain would short-circuit, bluescreen, and restart. It’s like the rapier-dagger confusion but harder to cover up — I’m just glad this arrangement is unlikely to come up in a show! My partners were very gracious. :0)

No summer plans yet, fight-wise, but I hope to have some soon.

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