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Surprise Retroactive Encounters With Famous People

July 17, 2016

A college friend’s Facebook status just alerted me to the fact that I did college theater with Kate McKinnon — as in, SNL’s Hillary Clinton and Ghostbuster Kate McKinnon. (Her name was different, which is why I’m not quite as oblivious as I sound!) And not just, like, there-when-she-was-there: I fight directed The Skriker, with her in the title role (in this scene, in fact); I have really fond memories of that show and now that I compare them to the face in the Ghostbusters trailers… yup.

I made a fight for Kate McKinnon. I SAT ON HER. My eyebrows are up to my hairline and planning to stay for a while.


The cast of 2004’s The Skriker at Columbia University, directed by Elissa Goetschius, also starring Sarah Lord and Erin Walters — and look who’s in front!



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